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Big Bonnie
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Bonnie Books

Join Bonnie, the tiny, fluffy white dog with big ideas - who came from a rescue home and changed the life of Harry and his family and friends. These six books of her adventures will delight boys and girls alike. And of course Bonnie is inspired by Bel's real dog, whose Facebook page is open to all. Check out Bonnie the Maltese Dog to see pictures of Bonnie and read her highly intelligent posts!

Bonnie books are beautifully illustrated stories for independent readers. Illustrated by Sarah McMenemy.

Big Dog Bonnie, ISBN: 9781406351163
Best Dog Bonnie, ISBN: 9781406350982
Bad Dog Bonnie, ISBN: 9781406351156
Brave Dog Bonnie, ISBN: 9781406351170
Busy Dog Bonnie, ISBN: 9781406351194
Bright Dog Bonnie, ISBN: 9781406322712

Also available for Kindle.


'This book is about a small dog called Bonnie. Bonnie belongs to Harry but Harry thinks she doesn't look like a dog because she was so small, not big like a proper dog. Bonnie could sit on Mum's knee at tea time.
I loved the book because on some pages there are little pictures and the book is so interesting. And sometimes when Harry's Mum is shouting the writing is all in capital letters. I would recommend the story to my friends because it is a nice story and there is a happy ending. The book is for boys and girls.'
The Guardian

Published by Walker

brave Bonnie busy Bonnie bright Bonnie

Bel Mooneys Kitty
Kitty Books

Kitty is my own 'little girl'. But of course that's not true. She 'is' and she 'isn't' - because writers may be inspired by something or someone in real life, but then we make things up. So the Kitty in the stories is a lot like my Kitty when she was little, but she's also meant to be like all other children - boys as well as girls - who love the Kitty stories.

I wrote the first story about this naughty little girl called Kitty not wanting to clean her teeth. Kitty liked it, so I wrote another story .... then before I knew it there were 16 books with Kitty as the heroine, all of them numbered so that you can follow the adventures of Kitty, her family and friends!


'Bel Mooney's delightfully whining, nagging and normal heroine Kitty... Funny, affectionate tales that ring with authentic detail of family life... ' THE INDEPENDENT

Currently out of print, but widely available on amazon second hand.

ISBN: 978-0-74974824-1
Bel Mooneys Blue Bananas
Blue Banana Books

Bel Mooney books for Egmont's Blue Banana series. Blue bananas are chapter books for children learning to read, suitable for National Curriculum Level 2 readers. blue bananas starter booksThey are carefully designed educational books for children, supporting their understanding of how to read and develop vocabulary. Blue bananas uses speech bubbles to aid understanding of dialogue and the text encourages children to explore the feelings of characters.

voices of silence by Bel Mooney
The Voices of Silence

Before she knows it, everything in thirteen-year-old Flora Popescu's life has changed. Her parents, her best friend Alys, and the restricted life she has always known in their Bucharest tower block are distanced from her - and Daniel, the mysterious new boy at school, seems to be the cause. Flora likes him, but why can't everybody else trust him too? She thinks of her father's words: "People like us can't afford the luxury of new friends." Then, just as she is making sense of her divided loyalties, Flora discovers that only she alone can save her father's life.

This novel was a New York Public Library Choice and is now reprinted by Walker Books and endorsed by Amnesty International UK as ' Contributing to a better understanding of human rights and the values that underpin them.'

Published by Walker
Available For Kindle
ISBN: 978-1-4043-5827-8
Like Mother, Like Daughter? by Bel Mooney
Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Like mother, like daughter? Not necessarily! Fourteen superb stories explore the mother-daughter relationship in a variety of different ways in this fantastic collection. Bel Mooney has chosen stories by the very best contemporary writers from the UK and US, including Adele Geras, Candice Ransom, Linda Newbery, Jean Ure, Cathy Hopkins and Shirley Klock.


'There is something for everyone in this warm-hearted collection of insightful stories.' Julia Eccleshare, Guardian Children's Books Editor

Currently out of print but widely available on amazon second hand.

joining the rainbow by Bel Mooney
Joining The Rainbow

Plans to build a bypass through Twybury bring a group of protesting travellers to the village and into Kaz's life. The friendhshp they offer forces Kaz to reassess her values. A gritty story based on the experiences of the author and her daughter fighting the Batheaston bypass.

Currently out of print but widely available on amazon second hand.

ISBN: 978-0749728175
flower of jet by Bel Mooney
A Flower of Jet

Mainthorpe is torn apart when the local Miners' Union calls a strike against plans to close the pit. People who have lived side by side for years start to hate each other. On one side are the strike breakers and the police; on the other side are the strikers and their supporters.

The line has been drawn - and Tom and Melanie are trapped in the middle: his father leading the "scabs", her father leading the strikers.

Currently out of print but widely available on amazon second hand.

ISBN: 978-0749729554
stove haunting by Bel Mooney
The Stove Haunting

Why does Danny have the strangest sensation that the old house is welcoming him back, that he has always been in that place? Why does the old kitchen stove fascinate and terrify him so?

A story based on the events surrounding the prosecution of the Tolpudlle Martyrs.

Currently out of print but widely available on amazon second hand.

ISBN: 978-0749731045
The Mouse with Many Rooms by Bel Mooney
The Mouse with Many Rooms

A young mouse is separated from the rest of his family and takes shelter in the basement of a big house. Tiger, the landlord's cat, is lying in wait for him and the little mouse has to race for his life through the rooms of the house. Soon the whole household is united in a rush to save the mouse.

Currently out of print.

ISBN: 978-0434978250
The Green Man by Bel Mooney
The Green Man

Combining mystery and adventure, this dramatic story introduces children to one of Europe's most ancient gods. The Green Man represents the forces of the natural world and reminds us of our role as caretakers of that world.

Currently out of print.

ISBN: 978-1898000983

Please be aware that although some of the books are out of print some new and used copies are still available through online stores.


Some of my out of print books are now available on Kindle.


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